planes, trains and automobiles

Getting this journey off on the right foot...
the right foot being the one that slipped on the stairs at 5am and dealt my lower back and kidneys a blow to remember.

This after a night spent trying to find a way out of NYC in time to arrive in SFO monday a.m. Delta cancelled my flight at 10pm, but the website crashed and I couldn't get a hold of an agent until 9 hours later. By that time I'd taken things into my own hands. Booked the only ticket out of Baltimore that would connect me to the bay area (a first class seat for 80,000 miles fuuuucck), booked a ticket on Amtrak out of Manhattan to get me to BWI in time to catch that flight, and put the rest into fate's hands.

Happy to have discovered the Misery Map, and with one more segment left on this trip (writing from layover in DTW), this might actually all end fairly well.

Except for the internal bleeding.