traversing the binary data tree... called life

This morning I have a quick moment for a short reflection on what we've learned so far at Hack Reactor, but my mind's presence is challenged by big changes back in NYC. While I am prepping myself for our weekly assessment (probably a prompt to recreate the solutions to problems we solved last week), my recording studio, its equipment and most of my instruments are being disassembled and removed for good - on to become another man's treasure. It is very much the point of no return.

So, I suppose that a depth-first log of my life's binary-tree data structure has officially found its longest path to a tree node with no children. It's not THAT crappy of an analogy.

Meanwhile, I am having an unforgettably special experience here in San Francisco at Hack Reactor. Since my arrival just 8 days ago, every moment has consumed me with thoughts about code, and I feel insulated from distraction with my curiosity nurtured. The challenges from day to day are myriad, from the concepts and problem solving, to squeezing out any of the moments for ordinary needs that the day can allow. I can see quite lucidly that my mind is really thriving at this pace, and I feel like I'm among people who have the same interest in learning. To be honest, I am stunned to be in the company of all of the brilliant minds in this cohort of 32 students. Our instructors are superb, the lectures are extremely engaging and thought-provoking, and it all makes for a tremendous environment to gain understanding of concepts that were difficult to grasp without much context. It's really, really great. Every single one of my expectations have been met here, and I'm stupidly fortunate for this opportunity.


most of my things are gone and life at hack reactor is fucking sweet.